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A Case Study on Reading-Writing Learning of a Fourth Grade Student at Primary School


Doktora Öğrencisi, İstanbul Üniversitesi-Cerrahpaşa, İstanbul, Türkiye

HAYEF: Journal of Education 2019; 16: 68-88
DOI: 10.26650/hayef.2019.18008
Read: 5175 Downloads: 1116 Published: 12 September 2019

In this study, individualized literacy education was applied to the fourth grade of primary school to teach literacy to a student who does not know how to read and write. In addition, the effect of education on the learning process in the classroom was examined. A case study pattern was used in the research design. The research covers the education applied for 72 hours in three months in a public school in Istanbul during the 2017-2018 academic year. The data collection tool consists of interview, observation and document review. In the analysis of the data, descriptive analysis and content analysis were used. After the applied program, the student has been literate and increased her reading speed. As a result, this student, who is academically behind her class, has switched to reading and writing with individualized education. However, not only academic skills of students, but also social skills have been improved.


Cite this article as: Örs, E. (2019). A case study on reading-writing learning of a fourth grade student at primary school. HAYEF: Journal of Education, 16(1); 68-88.

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