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Türkiye’s Efforts for the Education of Syrian Children: Ministry of National Education Project on Promoting Integration of Syrian Kids into the Turkish Education System


Ministry of National Education, Directorate General for Lifelong Learning, Ankara, Türkiye

HAYEF: Journal of Education 2024; 21: 146-154
DOI: 10.5152/hayef.2024.23057
Read: 327 Downloads: 157 Published: 23 May 2024

Since the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011, Türkiye has pursued an “open door” policy for humanitarian purposes. Currently, 3,500,964 Syrians are being hosted in Türkiye. Education policies are at the center of the policies developed to meet the shelter, health and security needs of Syrians. The Ministry of National Education has carried out important and various activities to ensure their access to education and 67% of 1,365,884 school-aged Syrian children have been schooled. In this study, a case study, was used to examine the studies on the education of migrant children in Türkiye.

Cite this article as: Tutar, P. (2024). Türkiye’s efforts for the education of Syrian children: Ministry of National Education Project on promoting Integration of Syrian kids into the Turkish education system. HAYEF: Journal of Education, 21(2), 146-154.

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