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HAYEF: Journal of Education 2014; 11: 157-188
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Acquirement of reading culture is a systematic and sequential process which provides high level development at individual and societal ground. In this respect, reading culture enables individuals to get benefit from written and visual cultural products effectively; with this interaction, it carries reading from being a habit to the level of critical reading skill, and it is the set of behaviours in which it carries out all these achievements by converting them into a life style at individual and societal ground since birth. With the most concise determination, it is the main priority to enable individuals to start interaction and communication with child literature books since the early childhood in terms of individuals to acquire reading culture. In this study, survey method is used. Data related to the study is provided by using documental survey. “Reading, reading habit and reading culture” concepts at national and international fields are obtained by surveying relevant Data Bases (The Council of Higher Education (CHE) Thesis, ProQuest and Ankara University etc.). Within this context, content framework of reading culture is created; it is aimed to provide a general frame regarding reading culture at national and international fields by including theoretical and practical studies obtained from Data Bases at the ground of reading, reading habit and reading culture concepts.

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