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Okuma Öğretimi Hedefleri Bağlamında Türkçe Ders Kitaplarındaki Çocuk Edebiyatı Ürünleri


İstanbul Üniversitesi Hasan Ali Yücel Eğilim Fakültesi Türkçe Eğitimi Bölümü

HAYEF: Journal of Education 2004; 1: 43-55
Read: 2843 Downloads: 1016 Published: 06 November 2019

The main aim of the Turkish lessons in primary education is to develop the productive and receptive skills of students. It is observed that the exercises helping students improve their reading skills are not satisfactory in Turkish course books. In this paper, five Turkish course books prepared for the students from the fourth to eighth classes by the Ministry of Education have been examined from the point of view of choosing of texts and the activities on texts. The students in primary education level are in their childhood and early youth. The texts studied on in Turkish course books should be appropriate for the features of the age of the group mentioned. Nevertheless; Turkish course books meet this aim in form but not in quality exactly. On the other hand, the exercises on texts do not contain text analysing, consolidation and assessment of the given information, in order to improve reading skills, the qualified works of children and youth literature should take their places in Turkish course books. In addition, during the studies on texts creative activities should be used instead of question and answer form.

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