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A Review Study on the Increased Motivation of Students by Distance Education ın Foreign Language Teaching


Department of English Translation and Interpreting, Selçuk University, School of Foreign Languages, Konya, Türkiye

HAYEF: Journal of Education 2024; 21: 201-206
DOI: 10.5152/hayef.2024.23076
Read: 322 Downloads: 143 Published: 23 May 2024

With new chances for language learning worldwide, distance education has grown significantly for the past ten years. The convenience and potential of new language learning settings in distance education have been acknowledged by many language students, teachers, and researchers. Because digital technology used in distance education has advanced, it is now possible to use its tools and applications to motivate students outside of the classroom, in formal and comfortable contexts. It is a widely held concept that motivation and engagement are essential components of language learning. Increasing motivation through distance education can encourage students to use their own personal, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral resources, which will improve their learning outcomes. A detailed review of the literature with an emphasis on research that examines the impact of technology use in distance foreign language education on students’ motivation in order to school themselves has been conducted in the study. This study additionally presents conclusions and suggestions for the efficient use of technology in distance education as a motivating tool or element in the context of learning a foreign language.

Cite this article as: Köksal, O., & Zorlu, B. N. (2024). A review study on the increased motivation of students by distance education in foreign language teaching. HAYEF: Journal of Education, 21(2), 201-206.

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