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The Relationship of Academic Procrastination Behavior to School Burnout, Psychological Well-Being, and Academic Achievement


Department of Guidance and Psychosocial Counseling, Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University, Faculty of Education, Niğde, Türkiye

HAYEF: Journal of Education 2023; 20: 106-111
DOI: 10.5152/hayef.2023.45
Read: 3042 Downloads: 979 Published: 01 May 2023

Academic procrastination is a problem that is frequently seen in students and causes negativities. One of the student groups in which academic procrastination is common is university students. In this context, in this study, the effect of university students' academic procrastination behavior on school burnout, psychological well-being, and academic achievement was examined. The participant group of the study consisted of 532 university students (385 females/147 males). Correlation and regression analysis were used in the analysis of the data of the study. In the study, it was found that academic procrastination had a positive effect on school burnout and a negative effect on psychological well-being and academic achievement. The results were discussed in the context of the literature, and suggestions were presented.

Cite this article as: Gündoğan, S. (2023). The relationship of academic procrastination behavior to school burnout, psychological well-being, and academic achievement. HAYEF: Journal of Education, 20(2), 106-111.

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