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Musical Reading (Solfege) Performance Test Design



HAYEF: Journal of Education 2016; 13: 113-148
Read: 3430 Downloads: 944 Published: 29 December 2016

The aim of this study is to develop a reliable, valid and useful performance test that will impact positively on the education-teaching of musical reading (solfege) in the musical listening-reading and writing lesson (MIOY) at the departments of Music Education within the body of Education Faculties. For grounding the research, the documentary surveying model is used by searching the literature. The research is of a descriptive character in terms of enabling to use a valid, reliable and useful assessment instrument in musical reading examinations of the musical listening - reading and writing lesson at the departments of Music Education.

Within the context of the research, a list of the target behaviors was formed towards the assessment of the musical reading performance by reviewing the curriculum of the MIOY lesson and the relevant literature, as well as by consulting to the opinions of the field experts in order to determine the target behaviors. A survey was conducted among MİOY course instructors to determine the coefficients defining the degree of importance of each item in the performance test formed in accordance with these target behaviors. For the reliability and validity checks of the performance test formed after the determination of the coefficients, 5 MIOY course instructors and 136 students participated in the first application conducted at the departments of Music Education of 2 different universities. After ensuring the reliability and validity conditions, 14 instructors and 430 students from 9 different universitiesparticipated in the second application carried out for checking the applicability of the performance test and asking the views of MIOY course instructors on the performance test. The reliability coefficient of the assessment instrument developed under the research was identified as .91 and the level of statistical significance was determined as .01.

As a result of the research, a valid, reliable and useful performance test towards the assessment of the musical reading was developed.

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